Abuan Gaming, LLC is a family owned and operated company that was founded by Ramoncito Abuan, inventor of the new casino table game “LUCKY 9”.


Lucky 9 card game was first conceptualized after Mr. Abuan attended Global Gaming Expo 2002 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. After seeing all the new games invented and are being introduced to the gaming public, Mr. Abuan realized that he can do a better game than those at the Expo.


Mr. Abuan fused the most popular game in the East, Baccarat, and the most popular game in the West, Blackjack, creating the new game “Lucky 9”. He uses the numbering system of Baccarat and uses the dealing structure of Blackjack. He incorporate some of the favorite elements from both games like the splitting options, dealers hitting and standing rule, the 3 to 2 Blackjack payment, all this from Blackjack game; he picked up and used the optional Tie bet from Baccarat game. He added a new trend of special payouts as seen on the new games coming out during those times; he created Lucky 9 Bonus payout.


We mainly received help from Cynthia Liu of Edge Consulting and also in part by Michael Shackleford (Wizard of Odds) and Stanley Ko (Gambology), three independent mathematicians who contributed on the mathematical analysis of the game. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted LUCKY 9 card game its patent last August of 2005.


With the support and confidence of the family, Mr. Abuan decided and created its own company, ABUAN GAMING, LLC.

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